PT SBS’s Cathodic Protection Engineering Team Our team of Cathodic Protection specialists provides comprehensive protection solutions for structures, whether buried underground or submerged in seawater. Our services cover pipelines, jetties, offshore structures, refineries, water treatment plants, storage tank bottoms, power station components, steel piling, and concrete structures.

We offer a turn-key project, starting with initial consultancy, including site surveys, cost evaluation, and project design. Our services also include installation, testing, commissioning, and regular maintenance checks. In addition to our in-house staff, we partner with independent laboratories for specialized investigations.

PT SBS offers a range of cathodic protection engineering services, including consultancy, to safeguard buried and immersed steel structures.


    Plant & site surveys, cost evaluations, general / detailed design, preparation of specifications


    Optimum design for project inclusive of bill of material supply


    Installation by our engineers or supervision of installations in conjunction with client/contractor staff and diving teams, if appropriate.


    Initial switch-on, testing and commissioning prior to final hand-over.


    On a project to project basis or by annual contract.


    Pipeline coating and cathodic protection surveys include Pearson, Close Interval Potential Survey (CIPS), Signal Attenuation, Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG), Stray Current and Interference Surveys, Pipeline Current Mapping (PCM), Soil Resistivity Survey.


    A complete turn-key project comprises of design, supply, install, testing & commissioning on cathodic protection systems.